Textile Business in Ukraine

by Roman Cheplyk
Tuesday, February 1, 2022
Textile Business in Ukraine

The textile industry of Ukraine is a large and stable industrial sector, which registers an annual growth rate of 5%

The country has a textile and apparel sector that is well-developed and successful. The potential for growth within this market is high as the industry establishes itself.

The high concentration of population in the cities, rich raw materials base, high level of literacy, and relatively low cost of labour force makes this industry quite profitable.

The textile business has always been one of the most attractive industries for investors. Textile production is an important part of overall Ukrainian export. The textile sector has become a strong part of the country's economy.

The majority of textiles produced by Ukrainian brands are exported to countries such as Turkey, China, UE countries, USA and India. The leading European importers of Ukrainian textile are Italy, Hungary, Spain, Poland, France, and Portugal. 

According to an expert:

"Textile industry is growing at double-digit rates. It requires little capital investment, and returns on invested capital are excellent".

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