The 1st Vessel With Ukrainian Grain in the Black Sea

by Olha Povaliaieva
Thursday, July 21, 2022
The 1st Vessel With Ukrainian Grain in the Black Sea

On July 21, a ship with a Ukrainian agro product sailed along the Danube into the Black sea and moored in Bulgaria

5 months of the Russian blockade of the Ukrainian waters of the Black sea. Lack of food and approaching famine. Ukraine began to deliver grain by train, but the throughput of customs points could not satisfy the world's demand for Ukrainian grain, oil, etc. After the Armed Forces of Ukraine recaptured Serpent's island, it became possible to restore maritime logistics through the Danube partially. The first ship loaded in the Ukrainian port and crossed the Danube to the Black Sea arrived today at its destination — Bulgaria.

The barge under the Portuguese flag, accompanied by the tugboat Felix, entered Varna's private Bulgarian port. Sunflower seed from Ukraine has been moored at the trading terminal and will be handed over to the Bulgarian dairy plant.

The Ministry of agriculture of Bulgaria said that Ukrainian grain and oilseeds are much cheaper than Bulgarian ones. In addition, Ukrainian products do not go through European transits but are sold directly on the domestic market of Bulgaria.

The Erdogan administration says that tomorrow Ukraine, the UN, Turkey and Russia will sign an agreement on a "grain corridor". We follow the updates.

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