The Amount of Ukraine’s Losses Because of the Russian War

by Olha Povaliaieva
Tuesday, March 29, 2022
The Amount of Ukraine’s Losses Because of the Russian War

The Ministry of economy estimates that as a result of Russia's attack on our country, the loss of civilians, GDP, and investment is $564.9 bln

According to deputy prime minister of economy Yulia Sviridenko, there are 2 basic ways to calculate the country's losses in unfavorable conditions for the economy:

  • Property destruction (schools destroyed, hospitals destroyed, etc.);
  • Assessment of the consequences of the war (unemployment, reduction of foreign investment, cessation of trade, etc.).

Currently, the gradation of Ukraine's losses in numbers looks like this:

  • Infrastructure damage — $119 bln: the enemy destroyed or rendered inoperable 8.000 km of roads and railways, dozens of airports, and railway stations;
  • Losses of citizens— $90.5 bln: 10 mln m2 of destroyed housing, 200.000 stolen and destroyed cars, plus food security for 5 mln Ukrainians;
  • Losses of enterprises and organizations — $80 bln;
  • losses of direct investment in the Ukrainian economy — $54 bln;
  • Losses to the state budget — $48 bln.

"It should be noted that every day the numbers change and, unfortunately, they are growing. That is why Ukraine, despite all obstacles, will seek to recover compensation payments from the aggressor. As for court decisions, and due to the transfer of frozen assets of the Russian Federation to our state," Yulia Svyridenko added.

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