The Award for the Landing Ukrainian UAV in Moscow 

by Meifan Honcharuk
Sunday, April 9, 2023
The Award for the Landing Ukrainian UAV in Moscow 

"Monobank" to grant $500.000 to any Ukrainian manufacturers of drones if at least one of their UAV lands on Red Square on May 9

The co-owner of the first Ukrainian exclusively digital bank Monobank Volodymyr Yatsenko announced the real contest via Facebook. On his personal page, he said he is ready to give almost $500.000 to anyone who will ruin the Kremlin holiday on May 9. Any Ukrainian manufacturers of unmanned aerial vehicles may participate in the action. The main condition of the "race" is the departure of the vehicle from Ukraine and landing in the capital of Russia. The Ukrainian military will help the participants to overcome the distance and all sorts of obstacles. The businessman also stated that the prize would have to be shared between the winning drone manufacturer and the military operators, as they would help successfully accomplish the task.

"To avoid misunderstandings, on the wings should be a Ukrainian slogan, for example "Glory to Ukraine", "Heroes of Glory", etc.," wrote the businessman Yatsenko.

Such an initiative arose from the mood of the Kremlin. It became known that Putin no longer feels so confident because he doubts the need for a traditional parade on the Red Square, dedicated to Victory day. And maybe all the rare and museum tanks have already been sent to the front for the "second army of the world"?

In any case, such a contest once again stimulates Ukrainian developers to work on a unique army of drones.

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