The Best Private Universities in Ukraine

by Olha Povaliaieva
Monday, December 13, 2021
The Best Private Universities in Ukraine

Rating of non-public higher educational establishments with accessible and transparent educational conditions

Every year universities in Ukraine are ranked in the rating. The best universities choose both public and private institutions. The ranking of each university depends on several indicators. Higher education institutions need to meet basic requirements to take the leading positions: from comfort in the classroom to graduates’ work in the direction the diploma was obtained. Also, during ranking, specialists assess the number of applicants applying for university, scientific articles and publications of students, etc. Today we will only look at some private universities. They have held the leading positions in Ukraine from year to year.

Alfred Nobel University has been in the top three rankings for years. This private university is located in the central part of Ukraine, in the city of Dnipro. A private institution has been operating since 1993. During this time, the university offered its students the opportunity to study by exchange and realize its potential on local television channels and radio. The only one in the country received international accreditation for educational programs. In early December, Alfred Nobel University confirmed the international certification of ZEvA (Germany) for the second time.

The Ukrainian Catholic University, located in the West of Ukraine, in Lviv, also occupies the leading position in private universities. This year the university took first place in the consolidated rating of private universities of Ukraine. This university has a long story because the Catholic University was founded in 1929. This university was the first brainchild of the Greek Catholic Church in Ukraine.

The Lviv Medical University and the Lviv Commercial and Economic University are linked only by location in one city. As well as the Ukrainian Catholic University, both of the universities just mentioned are located in the West of Ukraine and are also ranked among the best private institutions.

Today, several more can extend the list of private universities offering quality education in various fields. In fact, by inviting students to pay tuition fees, both teachers and university administrators try to provide the most comfortable conditions for their students. Many universities offer students even more than just tuition. Today, every graduate with a master’s degree can already try out as a teacher or find a suitable job with the help of their university.

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