The Biggest Transport Engineer Bureau of Ukraine

by Olha Povaliaieva
Tuesday, October 26, 2021
The Biggest Transport Engineer Bureau of Ukraine

Tanks and bulldozers, armored personnel carriers, and equipment for different industries are manufactured in the Kharkiv plant of transport engineering named after V. A. Malyshev

This is one of the oldest factories on the territory of modern Ukraine. Founded back in 1922, it produced steam locomotives. My focus from year to year, since 1924 the plant has been redesigned into a plant for the production of tanks and is still performing its function.

A huge tank" rel="dofollow">enterprise produces tanks and each of their components, and also reconstructs old tanks. By the way, the plant's engineers are producing a NATO-standard 120-mm tank gun. A sample for the demonstration was exhibited at the Eurosatory-98 arms exhibition. Recall that it was the Kharkiv design bureau that developed and built the legendary T-34 tank.

Since 1999, the Malyshev plant has been certified as a special exporter, that is, it received the right to independently produce and export military equipment. Nowadays, the Kharkiv plant is the largest supplier of military equipment to the Ukrainian army. Tanks, armored personnel carriers, all-terrain vehicles, trailers, equipment for various industries were exported all over the world. The last contract of the Malyshev Kharkiv plant for the supply of 49 tanks to Thailand brought in $200 million to the country's budget.

The volume of production is about 100 tanks per year. The country's plans include the modernization of the plant and an increase in the volume of international orders.

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