The Chinese Language Has Appeared on the Official Website of Ukraine

Tuesday, August 31, 2021
The Chinese Language Has Appeared on the Official Website of Ukraine, the official website of Ukraine, “spoke” another language — Chinese is a modern digital portal for foreign audiences, created and developed by the Ministry of foreign affairs of Ukraine and the Ukrainian institute. At a time when travel is limited, this is an easy way to virtually visit Ukraine. And not only to visit, but also to get a dose of inspiration and fall in love with Ukraine at first sight.

Prior to that, the site was already available to visitors in English, German, French, Spanish and Arabic.

The launch of new language versions of Ukraine's official website is part of а Ministry of foreign affairs systematic image work with foreign audiences in various areas from investors/promote-your-business/" rel="dofollow">promoting Ukraine among potential tourists to those interested in Ukraine or just starting to discover it, planning to trade or do business with Ukraine or for training. Business card site communicates with the audience in their native language, allowing you to form a first impression of Ukraine and build positive associations with it.

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