The Conditions for Obtaining a Grant in Ukraine

by Olha Povaliaieva
Thursday, December 23, 2021
The Conditions for Obtaining a Grant in Ukraine

Small enterprises in Ukraine can get assistance from the country

The micro and small enterprise projects help realize startups, improve the economy, and separate branches of the country. In recent years there have been several priority directions in Ukraine. Therefore, startups in these industries are the most often receiving grants. Cash is granted for the creation and improvement of a new company. The program topics for which support is guaranteed may include:

  • Improving human health;
  • Online transformations;
  • Infrastructure;
  • Environmental;
  • Consulting.

Due to the pandemic, the medical, consulting, and online business directions have been enshrined in leaders for cash assistance.

Medical discoveries and suggestions for improving health help to combat ailments.

Online transformations became popular due to remote work conditions during Covid-19. After all, many companies had to create or buy corporate programs and other tools for minor operations. The consultation also became popular due to the remote work and hundreds of new issues on doing business and controlling employees online.

It is necessary to know where ambitious projects are held to get a grant. In Ukraine, they are reported on such resources as:

  • Synergy Development Consulting Telegram channel;
  • Gurt web page;
  • Prostir web page;
  • Website Kickyour;
  • USAID internet page.

Before participating in the selection, the startup needs to check documents, reputation, etc.

Also, to approve cash assistance to the project, you may use the help of specialists. It could be an application writer — a granulator. Or a fundraiser, a man who will look for donations and alternative ways to finance business.

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