The Czech Republic Will Build Houses for Internally Displaced Ukrainians

by Olha Povaliaieva
Wednesday, September 14, 2022
The Czech Republic Will Build Houses for Internally Displaced Ukrainians

The city administration of the city of Ternopil announced cooperation with the Czech Republic in the construction of housing for Ukrainians who fled the war

On September 12, a delegation from the Czech Republic arrived in the city of Ternopil (western Ukraine) to meet with the city's mayor, Serhii Nadal. The foreign delegation included the consul general of the Czech Republic in Lviv David Novi, representative of the Ministry of foreign affairs of the Czech Republic Marek Svoboda, representative of the Ministry of industry and trade of the Czech Republic Maria Gorbatova and representatives of business structures of the Czech Republic (Jiri Plecity Linet) and Roman Balazs (OMNIPOL).

According to the mayor, Ternopil received more than 28.200 Ukrainians from other regions. Their number may increase, but the city is not designed for such several internally displaced persons.

"Residents of Ternopil provide accommodation for migrants free of charge; many dormitories of our vocational education institutions serve as housing. However, at the same time, it is necessary to think and create new places where internally displaced citizens can live comfortably. Therefore, we are actively working in this direction with our international partners," Serhii Nadal.

During the meeting between Nadal and the Czech delegation, a memorandum was signed under which Ternopil will provide land for development, and the Czech Republic will ensure the manufacture, logistics and installation of block-type premises for the residents of Ukrainians who had to leave their home because of the war. According to the mayor, the memorandum will be implemented within 2 months.

"At the end of the war, we plan to provide even more assistance to Ukraine, for example, in the field of energy and infrastructure, in order to help Ukraine move closer to the European Union, as well as help Ukrainian friends to improve the standard of living in the country," Marek Svoboda, representative of the Czech Ministry of foreign affairs.

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