The Danish “Maersk” Invests in Ukraine 

by Roman Cheplyk
Monday, March 13, 2023
The Danish “Maersk” Invests in Ukraine 

Foreign transport and logistics company resumed delivery of goods to Ukraine

In February 2022, the war put a pause on the work of many foreign companies in Ukraine. But many foreign businessmen note that they do not close the issue of the development of subsidiaries and their industries in Ukraine. Even during the war, many organizations returned to work in a war-torn country. Among them is the world's most prominent representative of container ships, the Danish transport and logistics company AP Moeller-Maersk AS.

"Development in Ukraine remains the focus of attention, as well as the implementation of solutions for our clients in order to ensure security," said in Maersk.

Therefore, the Danish company announced the opening of the first container flights to Ukraine. So far, the company launches a barge service once a week. Freight containers will be transported from Constanta's port to Reni's port. The customer will be able to choose a convenient route: through the Danube Canal or the Black Sea. The operation time is expected not to take more than 1.5 days. Maersk announced that it is already accepting customers' requests. It is also possible to order shipping containers to the port of Reni.

So, cooperation with Ukraine continues to interest foreign companies and goes to a new level.

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