The Demand for Experienced IT Specialists in Ukraine is Growing

Wednesday, July 7, 2021
The Demand for Experienced IT Specialists in Ukraine is Growing

In Ukraine for the last 2 years the demand for IT specialists with work experience of 5 years has doubled

If in May 2019 on was about 600 vacancies were opened for such specialists, in May 2021 - already 1200. This is 12% of all vacancies in the market, which is 13% more than 2 years ago.

The activity of candidates and companies has also changed, especially over the last year. If in April 2020, during the strict quarantine, ten specialists responded to 1 vacancy, now - one. This may indicate that experienced professionals are more likely to receive offers from companies than to look for work.

According to GlobalLogic, the main criterion for choosing a company for professionals is its reputation. This point is considered important by a quarter of IT professionals. Then there are interesting projects and the possibility of growth - these points were noted by 20% of developers. It is also important for the engineer to receive timely feedback, sufficient attention to achievements and learning opportunities.

People are the main value for IT companies, so the number of people employed in the industry is one of the main issues. Both official statistics and expert estimates confirm that the number of employees has increased significantly in recent years.

The ecosystem is a vital factor for the functioning and development of the Ukrainian IT industry. The information technology industry is an industry of knowledge, talent and expertise, so the main task of the IT ecosystem is to ensure constant interaction of market participants at different levels in the exchange of experience and communication to solve common challenges facing market players.

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