The Electronic Queues for Ukrainian Border Crossing

by Olha Povaliaieva
Monday, December 13, 2021
The Electronic Queues for Ukrainian Border Crossing

As we know people of many countries travel by car. It’s much easier, and there’s no need to check train or airline schedules. You can stop wherever you want and spend as much time being someplace as you want. Also, you can take everything you need including food and refreshments, without any restrictions. Many business tasks are also realized by cars, goods are transported for long distances in trucks. Not often trains or ships are demanded. It’s the quick way to get needed in a few days or even faster sometimes. But there’s one disadvantage: long queues on countries’ borders.

The prime minister of Ukraine, Denys Shmyhal, announced the start of electronic queues for the Ukrainian border crossing. A new pilot project, Electronic border crossing queue, which will make a possible reservation of time for the processing of documents at crossing points in advance, is launched by the cabinet of ministers. It will start on December 15th.

The project aims to organize the management of queues of road vehicles used in international transport to transport goods across the customs border of Ukraine

"Everyone will have an option to check-in at the border at a convenient time. These electronic queues will allow users to be processed quickly, and vehicles will not be delayed for several days, significantly reducing business costs. Also, to improve comfort, there will be new waiting areas created," wrote Denys Shmyhal on Facebook on Sunday.

He noted that the introduction of the Electronic queue would reduce queues from cars at borders, save time for business, and improve the image of Ukraine.

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