The Emergence of “The Union of Residents” Within “Diia.City”

by Olha Povaliaieva
Monday, February 21, 2022
The Emergence of “The Union of Residents” Within “Diia.City”

Part of Ukrainian IT-companies created their organisation

Part of the companies that have registered in the legal regime of Ukraine Diia.City, since February 8, has created a new organisation. The list includes several well-known companies: Sigma, EPAM, NIX, SoftServe, and AltexSoft. These corporations started a new project within the regime called The Union of Residents.

IT companies of Ukraine were the initiators of the association, which took part in the development of the legislative base of Diia.City. It is worth noting that they became the first residents of the Ukrainian legal regime. Materialise Ukraine, and the chairman of the IT-business committee of the public council under the Ministry of digital transformation, Olena Antonenko, was invited to coordinate the project and continue leading the association.

Such a phenomenon in the regime is created to fight for the interests of the Diia.City participants. It plans to maintain communication between members of the regime and the authorities. The new association's statute provides the possibility for existing public organisations, associations, and clusters to participate in the work of the supervisory council and ensure the implementation of the principles of transparency and synergy.

"Our goal is to unite all residents of Diia.City" into one organisation for transparent and sustainable work for the next 25 years," underlined the head of SoftServe and one of the initiators of the association Kyzmei Taras.

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