The EU Chops Off the Metastases of Russia

by Olha Povaliaieva
Wednesday, April 6, 2022
The EU Chops Off the Metastases of Russia

Only one of the bans of the fifth package of sanctions will bring Russia losses of €4 billion per year

On April 5, light was shed on the details of a new package of EU sanctions against Russia. The key factor in this package is the embargo on Russian coal. From now on, the gas and coal blackmailing of Russia is stopped.

What else is included in the 5th sanctions package?

▪️ Export to Russia of semiconductors, machinery, and transport equipment worth €10 billion;
▪️ Transactions with four key Russian banks;
▪️ Ban on entry of Russian ships to EU ports;
▪️ The ban on crossing the EU border for trucks from Russia and Belarus;
▪️ embargo on imports from Russia of an updated list of products and raw materials;
▪️ Prohibition for RU companies to participate in European public procurement.

The new package also includes several solutions that prevent Russia and other countries cooperating with it from circumventing sanctions.

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