The EU Commissioner for Human Rights Came to Assist Ukrainians

by Olha Povaliaieva
Thursday, October 20, 2022
The EU Commissioner for Human Rights Came to Assist Ukrainians

Slovenian politican Janez Lenarčič announced a program to support Ukrainians for €175 million

The visit of Janez Lenarčič is considered an essential act of support. Even without the announcement of assistance to Ukraine, the arrival of an international politician is important. Lenarčič is an ambassador of the OSCE office for democratic institutions and human rights. Since 2019, the Slovenian politician has been the European Commissioner for crisis management.

The politician said that the European Union will allocate €175 million to support Ukrainians. Financial assistance is provided for 3-5 months. The assistance is designed to assist internally displaced persons and refugees in Moldova — organize shelters for people during the winter. Therefore the money will be released as soon as possible.

"The coming winter will likely bring Ukraine serious challenges, and we must be prepared for them. Due to our rescue programs, the temporary shelter will be immediately deployed in 3 different regions of Ukraine — Rivne, Buchansky district (Kyiv region), and Kharkiv regions," said Lenarčič.

Temporary shelters can accommodate up to 5 people each. The Rivne region will make 550 such shelters, in the Buchansky district — 550, and 600 in the Kharkiv region. The shelters will be equipped for the cold winter. It is worth noting that the organization of shelters for people in places of refuge is not chosen for nothing — in these places, many people lost their homes due to Russian aggression.

In turn, the president of Ukraine thanked the EU commissioner and presented him with the state award. 

"EU Commissioner for crisis management Janez Lenarčič was awarded a state award for his contribution to the support of Ukraine. Thank you for the unprecedented volume of humanitarian aid to our country from the European Union," wrote Zelenskyy.

We remind you that yesterday the European Parliament awarded the "Brave Ukrainian people" with the Sakharov prize For Freedom of Thought.

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