The European Commissioner For Energy Arrived in Ukraine 

by Olha Povaliaieva
Tuesday, November 1, 2022
The European Commissioner For Energy Arrived in Ukraine 

On November 1, Kadri Simson visited Kyiv to report the strengthening of the subterranean energy

Today the EU commissioner for energy Kadri Simson came to Kyiv. The commissioner announce that the European Union is ready to support Ukraine even in the new crisis — the energy danger created by Russia in Ukraine. According to Zelenskyy, the dip destroyed about 40% of energy-generating facilities. Therefore, the EU decided to help solve the problem. European countries will supply electricity to Ukraine. The commissioner reported this during a visit to Kyiv. 

"I have seen the scale of destruction in Ukraine, and I make every effort to increase financial, technical, and practical assistance. This should come from EU institutions, member states, our international partners, and private donors," said the European commissioner for energy. On Twitter, Simpson put a photo and added that Russia chose tough and "non-people" tactics to make evil to people — to take away heat and light with the approaching winter.

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