The Explosion on the Crimean Bridge

On October 8, there was an explosion of the bridge, through which the Russians supplied equipment to Ukraine for warfare and took out the stolen grain and other products from Ukraine  
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The morning of October 8 for Ukrainians began with strategically good news: part of the Crimean bridge exploded

Its railway part was used for the supply of armoured vehicles, artillery and other things for waging war against Ukraine.

Russia says a fuel terminal has exploded. At the same time, numerous videos of Crimeans on the network indicate that the bridge is on fire.

The Ukrainian authorities and the military leadership of the Ukrainian armed forces have not yet commented on the incident at a strategically important facility. However, Ukrainians remember that following the Antonovsky bridges' destruction, the Crimean bridge's explosion was expected "as soon as possible."


Glory to Ukraine!
Glory to Heroes!
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