The Federation of E-Sports of Ukraine has Received National Status

Friday, July 23, 2021
The Federation of E-Sports of Ukraine has Received National Status

Ukrainians will have an official e-sports team

The Ministry of youth and sports of Ukraine held a competition, as a result of which the Federation of e-sports of Ukraine (UESF) was recognized as a national sports federation.

From July 21, 2021, the federation of e-sports of Ukraine receives national status and authority to hold official competitions, launch educational programs, form a network of official training bases of national teams, assign titles and ranks to athletes and other actions necessary for the development of e-sports in Ukraine.

The ministry's competition confirmed that UESF fully meets all the necessary requirements for a national-level sports organization. Since 2018, UESF has been actively developing the field of e-sports in Ukraine, is a member of international organizations (IESF, GEF, EEF, WESCO, B&R International Esports Association Alliance), has its own material and technical base and qualified personnel for professional development.

"The problem of Ukrainian e-sports is not the lack of funding. Businesses have already realized the potential of e-sports, and people are willing to make private contributions. The problem of e-sports in Ukraine today is management, the lack of a comprehensive development system and appropriate ecosystem. And these problems can be solved only in cooperation with the state," said Ivan Danishevsky.

Over 3,5 years of operation, UESF has won more than ₴4 million in prizes ($148,000), as well as holding more than 330 amateur and professional e-sports competitions, in which more than 45,000 athletes took part.

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