The First Ukrainians Are Ready to Drive “Leopards”

by Roman Cheplyk
Tuesday, March 14, 2023
The First Ukrainians Are Ready to Drive “Leopards”

Spain completed training of the first 10 groups of Ukrainian military

The general headquarters of the army of Spain informed about the first issue of Ukrainian soldiers, who had passed the course of complete control and use of the tanks Leopard 2. It is noted that the training has passed 10 crews, each of which has 55 persons. The course was conducted within 4 weeks at the Toledo Center of training coordination in Zaragoza.

550 soldiers will return to Ukraine: professional military and reserve fighters aged 21 to 60 years. All of them will be able to work with the operating systems of Leopard 2 and perform tactical tasks on it. In addition, each brigade has people who can carry out combat machines maintenance of mechanical and electronic components.

"Each crew consists of a commander, driver, loader, and shooting, as well as 15 technicians, 5 of whom are mechanical specialists, 5 from electronics and 5 from weapons," said the general headquarters of the army of Spain.

Now in Ukraine, the military can work with modern technology and confront the occupiers on the front. Note that on March 9, it became known that Poland will send 10 Leopard tanks to Ukraine.

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