The First Bone Prothesis Implantation in Ukraine Was Performed 

by Meifan Honcharuk
Wednesday, April 19, 2023
The First Bone Prothesis Implantation in Ukraine Was Performed 

Recently doctors in Kyiv opened a new health-repair chapter for Ukrainians affected by the war 

The war posed a challenge not only to the Ukrainian defence industry and army but also to the employees of other industries. The medical sector has to develop several times faster, as the lives of Ukrainian civilians and the military depend on doctors now. Recently, in one of the Kyiv hospitals, there were endocapsules, which help to quickly and painlessly examine even the tiniest patients. Now the capital's hospital has gone even further and can carry out operations for implants in the bone. After such an operation, patients can begin to walk on the second day. Ukrainian doctors were attracted by the help of the world's leading orthopaedic traumatologist, Munied Al Muderis, from Austria. The doctor has already performed almost a thousand operations at home and about 500 worldwide. Now he trains Ukrainian doctors to give Ukrainians a second chance for a full life.

The minister of health of Ukraine, Viktor Liashko, said that the first operation has already been carried out. The patient was a 56-year-old soldier who lost both legs due to the explosion of the Russian mines. 

"In Ukraine, for the first time, a prosthesis was implanted into a patient directly into the bone. The applied technology is called osteointegration prosthetics. Its advantages: are sensitivity and functionality. Especially relevant for people who have lost both limbs because it is difficult and often painful to use classical prostheses. You can take the first steps on implanted prostheses on the second day after surgery. In another 6 weeks – to walk fully," Liashko said.

Known that the Ministry of health of Ukraine does not plan to stop. Currently, they plan to establish partnerships with Sweden and Germany.

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