The first debate between Biden and Trump took place: what was said about Ukraine

by Roman Cheplyk
Friday, June 28, 2024
The first debate between Biden and Trump took place: what was said about Ukraine

The debate between Joe Biden and Donald Trump highlighted their contrasting views on the war in Ukraine, among other contentious issues

Here’s a summary of what was said:

Trump's Perspective:

  • Criticism of Biden: Trump blamed Biden for the war in Ukraine, suggesting it was due to Putin's lack of respect for him, exacerbated by decisions like the withdrawal from Afghanistan.
  • Peace Plan: Trump opposed a peace plan proposed by Putin, which included Ukraine not joining NATO and withdrawing from occupied regions.
  • World War III: Trump accused Biden of bringing the world closer to World War III due to his perceived weakness, implying that under his leadership, Putin would not have escalated in Ukraine.

Biden's Response:

  • Rejection of Claims: Biden dismissed Trump's assertions as nonsense, asserting that stopping support for Ukraine would embolden Putin to target NATO countries next.
  • Defense of Policies: Biden defended his stance on Ukraine and criticized Trump's foreign policy approach, suggesting Trump misunderstood Putin's ambitions.
  • Personal Attacks: Biden criticized Trump's character, referring to his legal issues and moral standards, including accusations related to Stormy Daniels.

Other Issues Discussed:

  • Border Security: Both candidates exchanged accusations regarding immigration policies, with Trump accusing Biden of opening the border to criminals and terrorists.
  • Veterans and Military: Biden defended his record and criticized Trump's alleged comments about veterans.
  • General Election Themes: Both candidates attacked each other’s honesty and competence on various issues, reflecting broader campaign themes.

Overall, the debate underscored deep divisions on foreign policy, national security, and domestic issues, framing the upcoming election as pivotal for the future direction of US policy both at home and abroad.

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