The First EV AC Charging Station Installed in Ukraine

by Olha Povaliaieva
Thursday, August 4, 2022
The First EV AC Charging Station Installed in Ukraine

This means that foreign investors urgently need to go to Ukraine and develop here the currently vacant niche of charging for electric cars

In the capital of Ukraine, the country's first charger for Chinese electric cars, which works on alternating current, was installed. The Ukrainian company L.Riker has installed a GB/T electric charging station near its central office. Such a charge is inserted near the shopping centre, which recently reopened after a Russian missile strike. The GB/T connector is known to have 2 7kW/32A ports designed to charge electric cars with J1772 and GB/T connectors.

"We installed the first GB/T AC charging station in Ukraine. The station is available to all owners of electric cars without restrictions. There is a promotion — free charging at the station until September 1. Charging for customers of L.Riker company is free for the entire time," founder of L.Riker company Andrii Strelets.

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