The First From February Ukrainian Grain in Italy 

by Olha Povaliaieva
Monday, August 15, 2022
The First From February Ukrainian Grain in Italy 

The Ministry of foreign affairs of Italy informed about the arrival of the first since the beginning of the war ship from Ukraine with a cargo of corn and soybean

Italy did not receive any grain products from Ukraine for 6 months. The reason was Russia's blockade of the sea. However, in early August, the "green corridors" enabled Ukraine to meet its obligations to several countries. On August 14, another ship with Ukrainian grain arrived in Italian Ravenna. 

"We are very pleased with the arrival from Ukraine to Ravenna of the first ship with a cargo of corn and soybean. Italy supports all possible efforts aimed at food security in the world and the Mediterranean and the implementation of the grain export agreement, supporting the resistance of Kyiv," wrote the Italian Ministry of foreign affairs.

This is not the last shipment to be delivered to Italy and solve the food catastrophe caused by the war in central Europe. The Ministry of the infrastructure of Ukraine reports that, in the course of the initiative for the safe export of grain, 16 ships have left Ukrainian ports. Ships carry 450.000 tons of agricultural products: corn, wheat, soybeans, etc.

On August 13, the bulk carrier Fulmar left the Ukrainian pier. It has become the last ship to enter the "reconciled" sea. Bulker is going to Turkey, joining with the ship Thoe

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