The First Results of the NATO Summit for Ukraine: Patriot Systems and €40 Billion Aid

by Roman Cheplyk
Wednesday, July 10, 2024
The First Results of the NATO Summit for Ukraine: Patriot Systems and €40 Billion Aid

The NATO Summit in Washington has already yielded significant announcements concerning support for Ukraine, particularly focusing on air defense and financial assistance

Key Announcements

  1. Patriot Air Defense Systems:

    • Confirmation of Additional Systems:

      • President Joe Biden confirmed plans to transfer the Patriot air defense system to Ukraine.
      • Ukraine is set to receive five long-range air defense systems: one each from the USA, Germany, Romania, and the Netherlands (with contributions from partners), and another from Italy, which will provide the SAMP-T system.
      • This builds on Germany's recent handover of a third Patriot battery, making the total at least five systems promised so far.
    • Strategic Importance:

      • These systems are crucial for protecting Ukrainian cities, civilians, and military personnel from Russian missile attacks.
      • President Zelensky emphasized the need for more than one system, citing the latest attack on Kyiv as evidence of the current insufficiency in defense capabilities.
  2. Financial Assistance:

    • €40 Billion Aid Commitment:

      • NATO allies plan to commit at least €40 billion in military aid to Ukraine for 2025.
      • The US will cover approximately half of these expenses, with the rest coming from European allies, including a significant contribution from Italy.
    • Additional Contributions:

      • Portugal pledged €220 million in aid for this year and the same amount for 2025.
      • The US Secretary of State announced $7 million in aid specifically for Ukrainian female military personnel.
  3. Air Defense Immediate Action Initiative:

    • This initiative, with a pledge of over $1 billion, aims to develop a NATO-compatible integrated air and missile defense architecture to support Ukraine's defense capabilities.
  4. New Command and Training Structures:

    • Creation of New Military Command in Germany:

      • This new command will oversee the training and equipping of Ukrainian troops and coordinate the extensive military aid efforts.
      • It serves as an insurance policy against potential changes in US policy following the upcoming presidential elections.
    • NATO Security and Training Assistance for Ukraine (NSATU):

      • NSATU will coordinate the training and development of the Ukrainian Armed Forces, with efforts led by an American three-star general.
  5. Future Prospects and NATO Membership:

    • The summit is expected to highlight the irreversible process of Ukraine's integration into NATO.
    • While immediate membership is not on the table, the steps agreed upon at the summit represent a significant move toward full membership in the future.


The NATO Summit has underscored a robust commitment to supporting Ukraine through substantial military and financial aid, as well as strategic initiatives to enhance Ukraine's defense capabilities. The announcements mark a significant step in Ukraine's path toward greater integration with NATO and bolstering its defenses against ongoing aggression.

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