The Horrors of Russian Captivity

by Olha Povaliaieva
Monday, December 12, 2022
The Horrors of Russian Captivity

"The Washington Post" told about the Ukrainian POWs that were held captive by Russia

The American newspaper reports that some Ukrainian soldiers who have returned home are on limited food. 60 defenders feed no more than 20 spoons of soup per day. Ukrainian doctors say that most POWs who have returned from Russian captivity are exhausted, and their stomach is not ready for normal food consumption — this can aggravate the situation. Therefore, former prisoners of war will receive portions with a gradual increase in shares.

"While they should be protected by the Geneva Conventions, which require humane treatment, the physical condition of the prisoners — protruding shoulder and ribs, clogged limbs, long scars, showed the abuse of months of imprisonment in addition to dealing with injuries," The Washington Post writes about people who have returned from the Russian "torture rooms".

The American daily newspaper also published interviews with representatives of the Ukrainian armed forces. All the interlocutors had been in the hands of the Russian Federation for several months. Many of them speak of systematic beatings with hands, feet, and truncheons. There are people whose kidneys have been beaten by Russian soldiers and who have not received medical treatment after it.

39-year-old Ukrainian Mykolai told about electric shock and suffocation using bags on his head. The Washington Post notes that Nikolai defended Mariupol and was at the Azovstal plant. The publication no longer mentions the victim for security reasons.

Another released Ukrainian woman, Kateryna Skopina, said that she was held captive by Russians in an 11 m cell. Five other women shared the area with her. She recalls they they were beaten for speaking in the Ukrainian language, Ukrainian national hairstyles, and "slowness".

"Your face is fried over a stove because they (Russian soldiers — ed.) demanding some information about which you know nothing. It's a mockery. In 3 seconds, you have to run to the toilet, and at the same time, the taser hit on the head," said Skopina.

Similar details may become more because Ukraine has intensified the fight for prisoners of war. For example, 574 prisoners of war returned to the country within 6 months of the war, and 817 soldiers returned in 3 months of autumn.

It's hard to imagine what Ukrainian soldiers in captivity are experiencing now defending their country. But even in these conditions, Ukrainian prisoners of war do not break down and do not reveal important details to Russia. The Armed Forces of Ukraine are true heroes of modernity.

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