The House of Representatives Took for Consideration the Law on Lend-Lease for Ukraine

by Olha Povaliaieva
Thursday, April 28, 2022
The House of Representatives Took for Consideration the Law on Lend-Lease for Ukraine

The decision will be made this week. An additional decision will also be made on the provision of weapons under the accelerated procedure

The bill was passed in the Senate and submitted to the House of Representatives, but before the planned 14-day break, parliamentarians did not have time to familiarize themselves with the document fully. Yesterday, the House of Representatives began studying the law on granting lend-lease to Ukraine, which will be announced this week.

“I hope that this issue will be dealt with this week. I hope that the voting too. Naturally, I will vote yes. I'm sure my fellow Republicans and, I hope, Democrats will do the same,” republican congressman Dan Muser.

If the decision is positive, then Ukraine will be able to receive weapons and ammunition much faster and absolutely unhindered, accelerating the moment of Ukraine's victory in the war against the Kremlin's tyranny of the whole world. According to congressman Muser, not only the United States is helping Ukraine, but also many other countries. Many of the countries are transferring Soviet-style weapons to Ukraine, after which this transfer can be compensated by NATO countries. This is how Poland, the Czech Republic, and even Germany consider this option. In order for the circular transfer of weapons to work faster and more efficiently, an additional law needs to be passed.

“I believe that we should have worked out an agreement, allowing the transfer of MiGs to Ukraine without further questions. Poland has shown exceptional courage in making such an offer. Secretary Blinken helped organize and negotiate, but then the Biden administration and the Department of defense put a stop to that. I understand that there was a feeling that it was not worth the risk. And I disagree, I believe that, given Putin's actions at the moment, we cannot do more than we are doing to stop him from being a murderous maniac or, on the contrary, to provoke him even more. It is already in place, and we should provide all possible conventional means of destruction for Ukraine to win.”

A vote on an additional bill on arming Ukraine will also take place this week.

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