The House of Representatives Voted to Grant Ukraine $39.8 Bln

by Olha Povaliaieva
Wednesday, May 11, 2022
The House of Representatives Voted to Grant Ukraine $39.8 Bln

Oil embargo, revision of the "Magnitsky law", changing the role of Russia in the World Trade Organization — results of The House of Representatives voting

On May 10, the House of Representatives voted to allocate $39.8 bln to meet the military and humanitarian needs of Ukraine. It is known that the president of the United States requested $33 for military support for Ukraine, but Congress approved several billion more to provide additional humanitarian assistance. As a reminder, on May 9, Joe Biden called on Congress to "immediately" vote on the bill.

"Get it to my desk in the next few days," Joe Biden.

According to Reuters, Anthony Blinken and Lloyd Austin wrote to the House of Representatives that the stock of funds that Joe Biden can use without prior congressional review is only $100 million and is likely to be used before the end of May. All subsequent transfers of military assets to Ukraine are beyond the authority of president Joe Biden.

We remind you that for the faster transfer of humanitarian aid to Ukraine, Mississippi has recognized the Khmelnitskyy region of Ukraine as a sister region. In this way, it will be possible to minimize the bureaucratic procedures for the transfer of goods and, accordingly, the time of receipt.

The House of Representatives also supported the Russian oil embargo initiative. The corresponding draft was supported by the majority of parliamentarians and submitted to the Senate for consideration. The bill includes a requirement to revise the Russia and Moldova Jackson-Vanik Repeal and Sergei Magnitsky Rule of Law Accountability Act of 2012 and subsequently increase pressure on Putin and Russia due to human rights violations: atrocities against Ukrainians and on the territory of Ukraine, and forcibly deported to Russia. A separate item is the revision of the role of the aggressor country in the World Trade Organization. A country that deliberately unfolds world hunger does not have the right to membership in the trade organization and all others aimed at the development of the planet and humanism.

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