The IMF Invests in the Renewal of the Ukrainian State System

Thursday, July 22, 2021
The IMF Invests in the Renewal of the Ukrainian State System

The International Monetary Fund has supported the development of the project "Continuation of fiscal reforms in Ukraine." The plan is being implemented at the expense of the European Union

The project is designed to help increase transparency and accountability in the areas of public finance management and revenue collection and will last until 2023.

The aim of the project is to bring Ukraine to economic growth and development by bringing fiscal institutions in line with modern international practice.

What will the project give?

  • modernization of the budget process;
  • improving fiscal risk management;
  • improvements in the management and accountability of public resources;
  • improving regulation and management in the field of revenue administration and the main functions of tax administration.

"Today, Ukraine is one of the main beneficiaries of IMF capacity development assistance, and we are pleased to further expand our support for the country through a partnership with the European Union," added Antoinette M. Sayeh, IMF deputy managing director.



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