The IV Annual Forum “Leadership and Eco-Transformation”

by Olha Povaliaieva
Wednesday, December 22, 2021
The IV Annual Forum “Leadership and Eco-Transformation”

The gas production company "MHP Eco Energy" received a traditional Eco-Oscar for the 4th time

On December 16, the IV Annual forum leadership and eco-transformation were held in Kyiv. Eco-Oscars have also been presented, the most "green" stakeholders and briefcases have received them, as it’s been reported with reference to the press service of the MHP Eco Energy — is a Kyiv region enterprise producing gas.

It was the fourth time that MHP received a traditional Eco-Oscar.

The company’s current case is MHP innovation program: Biogas 5.0 for carbon-neutral production. The concept of Biogas 5.0 includes the following elements:

  • Waste management;
  • Clean energy;
  • Organic fertilizers;
  • Greenhouse gas emissions reduction;
  • Production of CO2 and biomethane;
  • Integration of "green" hydrogen technologies.

By implementing the Biogas 5.0 concept, the company cooperates synergistically with global leaders to achieve the best eco-innovation standards.

In recent years MHP has successfully implemented the concept of Biogas 3.0, so today, it is starting to introduce the technologies Biogas 4.0 and Biogas 5.0.

MHP has set itself an ambitious goal of reaching carbon neutrality by 2030. It has already been done enough to achieve the goal, and more tasks lie ahead. It is important to note that the implementation of green energy projects began before the signing of the EU Green Agreement for Europe. So the company not only follows global trends but is ahead of them.

“Quality goods can and should be produced without damage to the environment, which the vertically integrated MHP Holding does,” Olexandr Dombrovskyy, deputy head of the MHP board, noted in his statement.

The award was received by a part of the large MHP team engaged in the development and implementation of "green" projects in the Sovereign wealth fund headquartered in Singapore.

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