The Kremlin Hopes to Enslave Countries by Cheap Grain

by Meifan Honcharuk
Tuesday, August 8, 2023
The Kremlin Hopes to Enslave Countries by Cheap Grain

Borrell: Russia is trying to build grain dependence in vulnerable countries

As the world has successfully overcome its dependence on Russian oil and gas, the Kremlin is trying to find other levers to blackmail the world. And this lever became cheap grain, most of which, by the way, was stolen from Ukraine. Russia deliberately withdrew from the Black sea initiative in order to force the G20 and developing countries to make concessions.

"While the world is dealing with supply disruptions and rising prices, Russia is now reaching out to vulnerable countries with bilateral offers to supply grain at reduced prices, pretending to solve a problem it has created," Josep Borrell.

Borrell calls on all countries that need Ukrainian agricultural products to unite and force Russia to renew the grain agreement with the UN and Turkey. The diplomat also described Russia's tactics as a "cynical policy of deliberately using food products as a weapon to create new dependencies by increasing economic vulnerability and global lack of food security."

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