The Largest Mining and Metallurgical Holding “Metinvest” in Ukraine Completed the Largest Ecological Modernization in 30 years of Independence of the Country

Saturday, June 5, 2021
The Largest Mining and Metallurgical Holding “Metinvest” in Ukraine Completed the Largest Ecological Modernization in 30 years of Independence of the Country

The upgrade of the Ilyich Metallurgical Plant to European standards lasted 7 years and cost $160 million. As a result, no toxic fumes are emitted from any chimney in the sinter combine

Sinter combine is a part of the metallurgical plant where agglomerate—spewed pieces of metallic ore are produced for further processing in blast furnaces. Ilyich Aglofactory is the largest in Europe, producing more than 13 million tons/year of agglomerate for cast iron production.

Filters installed on gas-cleaning structures reduce dust emissions by 90% and sulfur emissions by 46%.

“Termokimik Corporation” is a general contractor and supplier of equipment for ecological reconstruction “Metinvest-Engineering”.

“This project has proved once again that we can keep our word.

In recent years, we have had a lot of trials, but we have continued to modernize the equipment of the aglocombine step by step, investing a lot in it because we knew how important it was for the people of Mariupol. Neither the crisis nor the coronavirus prevented us from carrying out the reconstruction in the promised terms. I am grateful to all those who have worked on this historic modernization over the years without exaggeration. Now the aglocombine in the Ilyich factory is not only the largest in Europe but also the greenest and most modern", said Metinvest Group General Director Yuri Ryzhenkov.

The purification plant is primarily a gas-cleaning operation: first, the Hurriclone cyclone system captures large particles of dust for reuse in production, and then re-purifies the gas from dust and sulfur in bag filters. This technical solution reduced emissions more than tenfold.

“The standards provided for the emission of aglocombine dust up to 300 mg/m³, and our gas cleaning now provides 15-20 mg/m³ under Ukrainian legislation of 50 mg/m³”, says Andrey Panchenko, head of the project of modernization of the aglocombine.

The process of reconstruction of two-stage gas cleaning and cooling of all 12 sinter machines was sequential. In addition, the combine decided to modernize 2 bag filters in the area of cooling of the agglomeration body. Work is already underway and will end in 2021.

Taras Shevchenko, General Director of the Ilyich Metallurgical Plant: "We complete the project with a length of more than seven years one of the most important in the modern history of the enterprise. Aglofabrik was indeed in urgent need of modernization and the Metinvest Group made a timely decision. Reducing environmental stress is one of Metinvest’s priorities. But above all, such difficult tasks are always supported by finance and specialists. Today, the pipes of the aglocombine no longer smoke. Our next goal is a domain change, and we will also fulfill it".

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