The Last Road Closed Before Russia

by Olha Povaliaieva
Wednesday, October 12, 2022
The Last Road Closed Before Russia

Since April 8, Russian ships have been banned from entering EU waters

The Ministry of transport announced new sanctions measures against ships certified by the Russian register of shipping. In view of the new EU sanctions against the aggressor country, from April 8, 2023, vessels included in the Russian registry do not have the right to enter the ports and gateways of the EU countries. The decision was made on October 7th. We remind you that the United Kingdom took similar measures at the beginning of March.

The certificates that EU member states have issued to Russian ships will be cancelled. The EU states that have provided the Russian maritime registries to monitor and inspect are required to withdraw their instructions by April 5. Other organisations will perform these functions, guided by recommendations on maritime security. Until April 5, the EU states are obliged to ensure that the Russian maritime register does not delegate its selected obligations and does not fulfil them itself.

The Maritime border service will check the vessel in the Russian maritime register; if the vessel is listed in it, it will not be allowed into locks and ports.

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