The Market for Oilseeds And Pulses in Ukraine

by Roman Cheplyk
Friday, December 17, 2021
The Market for Oilseeds And Pulses in Ukraine

World demand for Ukrainian oilseeds is growing at a frantic pace

For nine months of 2021, Ukraine exported oilseeds worth $1.409 billion, 36% more than in the same period last year. The most popular oil is sunflower oil. 

India is the leading importer of Ukrainian fats and vegetable oils (the export share of these products is 28%).

In 2020, Europe became the largest buyer of Ukrainian products from sunflower seeds and other oilseeds (mustard, flax, soybeans, and rapeseed). Exports to EU countries are 68.1%. The countries of the Middle East, which bought 17.8% of Ukraine's oilseeds, were in second place. Other countries have divided the rest of the oilseed production among themselves. However, the indicators of Ukrainian exports of oilseeds do not exceed 10% there, and even the EAEU countries consume only 7.9% of exports in this sector, other regions, for example, Africa — only 2.7%.

Ukraine has a fourth of all sunflower acreage globally and grows a third of the world's harvest. In the last decade, the fat-and-oil complex of Ukraine has been characterized by steady growth in the production of vegetable oils. The inflow of investment stimulates the expansion of production capacity, which enhances the export opportunities of domestic producers and helps to strengthen their position in global trade.

Analysts expect a record sunflower harvest — 16.8 million tons — due to an increase in acreage and yields. During the growing season of early grain crops, favorable weather conditions formed relatively high wheat, barley, and other early crops.


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