The Most Profitable Niche Cultures to Grow in Ukraine

by Roman Cheplyk
Thursday, December 30, 2021
The Most Profitable Niche Cultures to Grow in Ukraine

Natural resources of Ukraine are favorable for the development of agriculture. The good climate and fertile soils make it possible to obtain large yields

Today the agricultural sector is attracting more and more attention, and many entrepreneurs are considering the option of doing business in this area.

Arable land accounts for about 80% of the country's agricultural land. Traditionally, cereals, legumes, and oilseeds are grown in the fields. Analysis of data from recent years shows that the most cost-effective are:

  • Sunflower. The popularity of the oilseed crop is due to its good yield, regardless of climatic conditions. Growing costs vary by region, but they pay off anyway;
  • Corn. The grain crop is in constant demand among consumers. Many different products are made from it, including cereals, butter, and flour. Also corn is used as animal feed;
  • Sorghum. A perennial cereal plant is rapidly gaining popularity among the country's farmers, and this is not surprising, because the cultivation of the crop is very profitable;
  • Soy. This culture is valuable for its ability to satisfy the human need for vegetable protein. The interest in quality grain is constantly growing, and the demand for soybeans is growing.

The main profit from the greenhouse is received in the weeks before the season of the product on the market. At this time, demand is greater, prices are correspondingly higher, and problems with implementation are minimal. What is profitable to grow in a greenhouse:

  • Seedlings;
  • Greenery;
  • Medicinal plants;
  • Cucumbers, tomatoes, radishes;
  • Strawberries, raspberries;
  • Flowers;
  • Mushrooms;
  • Watermelons, melons.
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