The National System of “Smart House” Plan to Enter the US Market

by Olha Povaliaieva
Tuesday, February 1, 2022
The National System of “Smart House” Plan to Enter the US Market

Ukrainian startup produces IoT solutions for a smart home "OMO"

OMO is a mobile application that integrates different brands' devices, sensors, and camcorders into a single ecosystem management system. Residents of houses connected to the system can:

  • Open the entrance to the hallway with the key in the mobile application;
  • To pass the temporary key to guests;
  • Combine camcorders into a single video surveillance system;
  • Increase the security of the apartment by connecting wireless door opening sensors, water flow, or gas flow;
  • Install the sensors for monitoring the level of CO2, climate control, lighting control, and electrical devices.

The system works according to the provider model – the company's partners are the managers of the organizations, the unification of co-owners of the apartment building, housing and communal services, Internet providers, and the installation companies. They set the app in a multi-apartment building and set up basic services for all residents.

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