The Financial Support From Ukrainian Film Commissions

by Meifan Honcharuk
Thursday, December 23, 2021
The Financial Support From Ukrainian Film Commissions

The Ministry of culture has settled the financing from the organization of filming on the territory of Ukraine

The Ministry of culture and information policy has regulated the procedure for financial support for film events.
The film commissions also offer their support at all stages of the process to get their work done without interruption.
Film commissions is an organization that attracts video production teams — producers of film, television, or advertising content for filming in specific territories. It also offers support at all stages of the process so that productions can get their work done without interruption.
The film commission is an auxiliary tool in promoting the region as a location for filming. Thanks to its work, productions have a simplified territory development procedure. This affects the increase in tourism, strengthening the region's economic capacity and providing new opportunities for cinematography. Therefore, a transparent and understandable system for financial support for their measures is a mandatory item for them to function smoothly and efficiently.
State financial support for the events of the film commissions will help revitalize the region's economy where the filming process is taking place by increasing the intensity of filming. These are additional jobs, changes in the population's employment structure, and business development. In the long term an increase in the flow of tourists to places where films were filmed.
A straightforward procedure for financing the events of film commissions will contribute to the popularization of Ukraine and its regions to attract Ukrainian and foreign film producers to filming and promote Ukrainian history, culture, art, in particular, cinematography.

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