The Roman Empire Artefacts Were Found in Western Ukraine 

by Olha Povaliaieva
Thursday, January 6, 2022
The Roman Empire Artefacts Were Found in Western Ukraine 

In the Kariv village, near Lviv (west of the country), archaeologists excavated unique objects dating from III st. BC

Archaeologists were able to find the ancient treasure as part of a planned expedition. They decided to excavate in a small village because of the "wealth" of the lands. First local historians stumbled upon an ancient sword and several historical metal objects in Kariv. In 2017, official archaeological excavations were carried out in the village, which bore fruit. Now every year, the western part of the country expands and supplements the history of Ukraine. This happened already in 2022.

A group of archaeologists, consisting of researchers of the Museum of local history from Vinniki and the National University named after Franko in Lviv, found the burial ground of the III st. before.

There was one man in the grave, a man. Scientists assume he was wealthy enough since precious metals and jewelry were found along with his remains. The find is attributed to the east german tribes of the goths. The very value of the archaeological excavation is unimaginable, as no such excavation has ever been found in the country before.

"Archaeologists have discovered two glass goblets parts, the analog of which there are not in Ukraine. As well as the tucking of the horn three-layer comb, bronze clasp (fibula), the parts of the wooden trunk, bronze plates with decorative blossoms and half of a token with a white paste glass. Tokens of a type were used for roman board games," told in the Lviv department of architecture and town planning.

This finding has the potential to change the history of the country. As it was previously believed that there were no German tribes in Ukraine. The excavation of an ancient burial site testifies to the contrary.

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