The Russian Experiment Didn’t Work

by Olha Povaliaieva
Saturday, June 18, 2022
The Russian Experiment Didn’t Work

Ukrainian armed forces downed a unique Russian unmanned aerial drone

Russian reconnaissance drone Merlin-VR was presented less than a year ago. The invention is equipped with a hybrid engine, an automatic and semi-automatic mode for monitoring a load of 10 hours. As usual, the Russian Federation boasts its weapons, so during the presentation, the media reported on supernova capabilities, including the ability of the drone to operate at an altitude of up to 5 kilometers. However, Merlin-BP is still not registered in Russian armament.

Could this be another "no casualties" tactic?

Because on June 16, the press center of the air force of the armed forces of Ukraine reported on the disposal of the Russian military facility. It turned out to be a Russian reconnaissance unmanned aerial apparatus Merlin-BP. Soldiers of the Ukrainian armed forces attached photo evidence. 

"The Ukrainian military managed to get a fairly interesting "bird" — Russian reconnaissance drone Merlin-VR," said in a statement.

Recall that the Russian Federation claims the successful development of all its industries after the imposition of European sanctions on the country. In particular, Russian politicians declare the successful development of the technology industry without foreign deliveries.

But it seems that a rare drone downed is the first proof that Russian abilities, like the army, are the second only in the past. Or Russians accidentally mixed up the word "experiment" with "excrement" during the production of the drone.

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