The Russians Killed a Soldiers in the Rear

by Olha Povaliaieva
Friday, May 27, 2022
The Russians Killed a Soldiers in the Rear

On the morning of May 27, a Russian missile hit a military unit in the Dnipro region

Russian occupiers are not present in the territory of the Dnipro region, but their rockets for the third month destroy the infrastructure of the city and take lives. At 4:17 a.m., the occupiers launched a missile attack on the Dnipro suburb. From the impact site of the missile to the center of the Dnipro only 13 km.

As it became known, the occupiers fired three missiles at once, but only 1 succeeded in reaching the target. Heavy missiles were fired from Rostov-on-Don, Russian Federation, at the military unit. At that time, there were soldiers in the compound. They had less than 5 minutes from the moment the siren was activated until the missile hit the barracks.

The morning rocket claimed the lives of 10 people. Another 35 people are injured to varying degrees of severity. Rescuers are still doing the work and say that this number of casualties may not be the last.

Among the victims of the Russian aggression were soldiers of contract basis and conscripts. These men have not yet fought, they were only preparing to defend their region. However, the Russian army killed at least 10 defenders in one morning.

It is worth noting that the occupiers are waging a special war with the Dnipro region. The invaders are sending their missiles to the Dnipro and the region when everyone is asleep.

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