A Schelling of Odesa. The Same Missiles as Kremenchuk

On the morning of July 1, the Russians destroyed by 3 “Kh-22″ missiles 2 recreation centers and a high-rise building with people. The same missiles were used during the schelling of the “Amstor” store
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Seems like the Russians have an apparent oversupply of "Kh-22" missiles

On June 27, these rockets shot at a civilian object, the "Amstor" store, which was buried in its ruins by about 1.000 people. And this morning, 3 "Kh-22" missiles (attention: their length is 12 meters) were deliberately fired at Bilhorod-Dnestrovskyy district, Odesa region. The missiles completely destroyed a high-rise building with peacefully sleeping Ukrainians and 2 recreation centers filled with people. This was reported by the operational command "South".

As of 08:30, 18 people were pulled out from under the rubble, including 3 children, 39 people were injured, including a pregnant woman and 4 children, 8 people were pulled out from under the ruins, including 3 children under 12 years old

The statistics were given by the head of the Odesa military administration Maxym Marchenko.

"As a result of a night missile attack by "Tu-22" strategic aircraft from the direction of the Black sea in the Bilhorod-Dnistrovskyy district of Odesa, 3 "X-22" missiles hit an apartment building and two recreation centers," operational command "South".


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