The Signing of the Memorandum on Hydrogen Production in Ukraine

by Roman Cheplyk
Tuesday, November 30, 2021
The Signing of the Memorandum on Hydrogen Production in Ukraine

The "H2EU + Store" project launches production from renewable sources in Western Ukraine, logistics and storage in other European countries, and delivery to Germany

Ukrainian gas storage operator joined the international hydrogen production project in Ukraine H2EU + Store. On November 26, he announced this on his Facebook page deputy director of the Ukrainian gas storage operator Ukrtransgaz Serhii Pereloma.

"Yesterday, we signed a corresponding memorandum with the leading players on the gas market from Slovakia, Germany, and Austria. The document was signed by representatives of RAG Austria, GAS CONNECT AUSTRIA, Bayerngas, Bayernets, Open Grid Europe, Eustream, Nafta. On the Ukrainian side, the initiative was supported by Naftogaz, GTS operator of Ukraine, and Eco-Optima,''  shared Serhii Pereloma.

For the successful implementation of H2EU + Store, Ukraine plans to restructure the gas transmission system and infrastructure for storing gas in Ukrainian storage facilities.

"I am convinced that joining the efforts of so many powerful companies is a serious step to move the topic of hydrogen from research and pilot projects to a new norm in the European gas market," concluded Ukrtransgaz deputy head.

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