The Souls of the Killed Flew Worldwide  

by Roman Cheplyk
Friday, February 17, 2023
The Souls of the Killed Flew Worldwide   

An installation in Prague reminds everyone about the residents of Bucha and Mariupol, killed by Russians

In the capital of Czechia was held a performance in support and honouring the memory of Mariupol and Bucha, victims of Russian invaders. Several dozen pairs of shoes were placed on one of the squares. Such installation as if hinted that the shoes no longer belong to anyone. It should be noted that these Ukrainian cities have become symbols of the indifference of the Russian military and the bloody war, which the RF in Ukraine has begun.

We remind that the Russians, during the occupation of Bucha, occupiers killed hundreds of people in the most terrible ways: torture, shooting, etc. During the process of occupying Mariupol, the puppets of the Kremlin did even more heinous things. The Russian army, according to the city council of Mariupol (under the rule of Ukraine), deprived more than 22.000 people of their lives.

"The exact number is still unknown. After all, thousands of bodies of peaceful inhabitants remained under the walls of destroyed houses. Now they are taken away and disposed of together with dead bodies," said Mariupol city council.

Let all those who died in the Russian terror will rest in peace.

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