The Think Tank of the “Epicenter” Group

by Olha Povaliaieva
Friday, December 24, 2021
The Think Tank of the “Epicenter” Group

“Epicenter” opens innovative "IQ-office" to attract specialists from all over the country

The innovative IQ-office in Gorodok, Khmelnytskyy region, will become a powerful intellectual hub, which will attract the region's promising staff in the sphere of information technologies from all over Ukraine. The think tank of the Epicenter group of companies will be concentrated here.

It will unite under one roof more than 600 specialists of the IT department of the company, digital-department, content department, automatic order of goods, a center of communication.

"IQ-office will become a "magnet" to involve prospective employees who will work for the city welfare and will provide it with a new boost in development. We not only guarantee attractive market salaries, very comfortable working spaces but also create a new technology office format. And we want other sponsors, like us, to give money to the improvement of regional centers," says the co-organizer of the business group Epicenter K Halyna Hereha.

The building process lasted 1.5 years and cost $12.844.036 million.

"We have preserved the historic building, completely renovated its interior space, and turned it into a modern technological office with an area of 6.300 with spacious open space, vacation places, and even game rooms," noted the co-organizer of the business group Epicenter K Oleksander Hereha.

In total, almost 500 tons of metal, 1.500 of concrete, 35 kilometers of electric cables were used to realize the plan.

The IQ-office had seven floors. The roof has its boiler room, which will serve the entire innovation center. And inside the office is installed a system of "smart house,” the most modern systems of ventilation, air conditioning, lighting, and heating. Interior interiors are designed in the style of cubism. The project also provides modern recreational areas around the IQ-office.

Electric chargers are installed on the parking lot for owners of electric vehicles.

Here are located such working locations as IT-Hub, contact-center of Epicenter, Digital Innovation Hub, and center of Business Data Analytics.

In the future, there are plans to" rel="dofollow">build a hotel near the office.

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