The Ukrainian Grain arket

by Olha Povaliaieva
Tuesday, February 15, 2022
The Ukrainian Grain arket

What does Ukraine export?

The Ukrainian grain market may be described exhaustively by one number: from 2028 to October 1, 2021, Ukraine exported more than 180 million tons of maize, wheat, and barley. This amount of grain is enough to stand one after another for 500 flotillas of almost 2.400 over-Panamax class balkers, each with a load of 974.000 tons. Therefore, it is not surprising that grains account for the lion’s share of Ukrainian agro-exports. According to Ukrainian Business & Trade Association, it was 43% in 2020.

The grain market is not just about maize, wheat, and barley. Ukraine also exports 16 major grains and legumes.

In the last four years, they may be divided into four groups. «Big three» cereals — maize, wheat, and barley — are exported from Ukraine in volumes of more than 1 million tons. 3 other crops — peas, sorghum, and millet — have been exported in recent years in volumes of more than 100.000 tons. 4 more crops — chickpeas, beans, oats, rye, are supplied to foreign markets mainly in more than 10.000 tons. And 6 other crops are exported abroad in quantities ranging from a few hundred tons to 10.000: rice, lentils, triticale, fodder beans, buckwheat, and canary seeds.

The top 10 importers of Ukrainian grain pulses include the EU, China, Egypt, Turkey, Iran, Korea, Israel, Algeria, Tunisia, and Libya

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