The Ukrainian Parliament Approve the Bill on “Diia.City”

Thursday, July 15, 2021
The Ukrainian Parliament Approve the Bill on “Diia.City”

The Ukrainian Parliament adopted the draft law №4303 concerning the development of the digital economy in Ukraine and related to the special legal regime for "Diia.City"

Today, Diia.City is an extremely popular virtual free economic platform for IT workers. The zone contains tax, financial and legal regimes.

The bill provides:

  • norm on the inadmissibility of direct or indirect coercion of legal;
  • entities to acquire the status of a resident of Diia.City;
  • expanding the list of qualified activities.

    "To do this, we will introduce a special legal and tax regime Diia.City. This is a whole set of incentives for the intensive development of the Ukrainian high-tech industry," the Ministry of finance said.

    Thus, the approval of the project creates all the necessary conditions for the development of IT and creative industries. The new Diia.City mode will be an alternative to the conditions that existed until now.

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