The Ukrainian Shopping App Raised $6.5 Million

by Roman Cheplyk
Wednesday, December 8, 2021
The Ukrainian Shopping App Raised $6.5 Million

The project for convenient purchases was introduced in “3DLook”

The Ukrainian technology firm 3DLook has immersed itself in the problems of modern Ukrainians. One of the burning issues has been the choice of clothing under quarantine restrictions and the era of Internet shopping. Therefore the organization presented its start-up project to assist in selecting clothing, shoes, and headgear on the Internet.

The program’s main idea is to choose and buy the right things. It is possible to select a thing, "try on" it due to computer vision. This technology helps convey the buyer’s exact parameters and look in the clothes he wants to buy. The model is created by taking a full-size photograph of a person and entering parameters. The application analyzes weight, waist and hip line, arm and leg lengths to select only the appropriate size and length of clothing.

3DLook does not restrict people in their choice, providing several dozen different clothing options at once. The entire application range is accurate. The clothing featured in the program is located in over 100 stores worldwide. The range includes the American cult brand of denim clothes 1822, Red Thread, and many others.

How “3DLook” got $6.5 million for development

Ukrainian startup for quality purchases over the Internet began its development independently. The first steps were taken without the support of investors. However, soon the application was noticed abroad, and 3DLook received its first help. The development received money from several investment funds: Almaz Capital, Investments, Zubr Capital. The company plans to invest the obtained money in research centers with headquarters in the United States and Europe.

Although ordering clothing, food, household supplies, and other items is common in 2021, doing so is a challenge. Because nobody wants to spend money on things and shoes that have the wrong size or style. And the 3DLook application will help everyone to avoid such mistakes.

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