The UN Commented russian Missile Attack Against Hroza Village

by Meifan Honcharuk
Monday, November 6, 2023
The UN Commented russian Missile Attack Against Hroza Village

The High Commissioner for Human Rights points russia as the killer of 59 civilians and calls for bringing the country-terrorist to justice 

On October 5, in a local cafe of Hroza village was held a farewell to the dead warrior. During the last procession of the family and fellow villagers to the deceased, the russians targeted the cafe with a rocket. The missile strike killed 36 women, 22 men and a boy of 8 years. These are just civilians: pensioners, doctors, farmers, teachers, entrepreneurs. At least 15 families lost 1-2 family members.

On October 7 and 10, the UN commission was allowed to enter the territory of the tragedy. The UN mission after collecting evidence in Hroza and interviewing 35 people concluded that russia carried out a strike on a civilian object. The speaker of the UN high commissioner for human rights Elizabeth Throssell noted there were no military facilities or the military itself at the site of the strike.

"Today we publish a report on the events of October 5, which concludes that there are reasonable grounds to believe that the missile was launched by the russian armed forces. The russian armed forces either did not do everything possible to make sure that the target was a military target, or deliberately fired at civilians or civilian targets. Any of these scenarios is a violation of international humanitarian law," Elizabeth Throssell.

The office of the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights prepared a report and states the necessity to complete the investigation and bring russia to justice. The report provides for the adoption of measures to prevent attacks by the aggressor on the civilian population. 

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