The UN General Assembly Voted for Ukraine’s Resolution on Reparations

by Olha Povaliaieva
Tuesday, November 15, 2022
The UN General Assembly Voted for Ukraine’s Resolution on Reparations

On November 14, the states supported the document calling on Russia to compensate for the damage done to Ukraine during the full-scale war

The United Nations representatives at the special session considered the resolution submitted by Ukraine. It concerns the destruction in Ukraine and the payment of reparations. Thus, The permanent representative of Ukraine to the UN, Sergiy Kyslytsya, proposed to oblige the aggressor country, Russia, to compensate for the material damage caused during the war. Despite this demand, Kyslytsya proposed the creation of an international register of losses with the participation of UN members and Ukraine. This will help to record losses of natural and legal persons and the state.

94 countries voted for the Ukrainian resolution, 73 abstained, and 14 voted against it. As expected, Belarus, China, Cuba, North Korea, Eritrea, Ethiopia, Iran, Russia, Syria, and others voted against it.

"The Russian Federation should be held accountable for any violations of international law in Ukraine or against Ukraine, including its aggression in violation of the Charter of the United Nations, as well as any violations of international humanitarian law and international human rights law, and that it should bear. The consequences of all its internationally wrongful acts, including reparation, in particular, any harm caused by such acts," concluded the representative of the countries that voted for reparations.

The adoption of the resolution is essential for Ukraine and the world for several reasons: the offender bears the responsibility for his actions, the country can restore critical infrastructure, support the charter of the United Nations, its purposes and principles, and international law increases.

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