The UN Report on Russian Crimes Against Ukraine 

by Roman Cheplyk
Friday, March 18, 2023
The UN Report on Russian Crimes Against Ukraine 

Russians commit crimes against Ukrainians and foreigners, attacking both the military, civilians, and volunteers

The Guardian reported that UN officials published a report with the investigation results of Russian crimes during the war in Ukraine. The document notes that the experts maintained restraint and did not aim to prove the guilt of the Russian Federation, its soldiers, and political management.

Let us recall that one of the reasons for Putin’s war is the liberation and protection of the Ukrainian people from the Kyiv authorities. However, during the investigation of an independent international commission of the United Nations, the experts found that Russian soldiers on Ukrainian land carried out attacks and didn't distinguish between military, volunteers and civilians. The document confirms that the Russian military tortured and killed civilians in Ukraine and deported children. The Commission has also confirmed the killing of civilians not only in zones of active hostilities. However, the commission insists on continuing to investigate what is happening in Ukraine to identify the evidence and to hold those behind the genocide accountable. This conclusion is based on the need for separate work and documentation of all information.

The results of the investigation of Russia’s crimes in Ukraine are essential for the further international investigation and punishment of all those responsible for the death of the Ukrainian people. In addition, the commission identified and named a sufficient number of Russian crimes that violate international law, human rights, and humanitarian rights.

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