The US May Recognise Russia as Sponsor of Terrorism

Tuesday, May 17, 2023
The US May Recognise Russia as Sponsor of Terrorism

Antony Blinken labelled this event with the phrase "never say never"

On May 17, the US secretary of state attended a meeting of the Senate budget committee to discuss topics related to China. Antony Blinken's discussion with Lindsey Graham gave hope that the US might recognise Russia as a state sponsoring terrorism.

"We all want China not to help Russia here, right? I have an idea. 100 US senators have proposed that we declare Russia a state sponsor of terrorism to keep countries like China from giving them weapons," Lindsey Graham.

"It's been months, and nothing has happened. Mr secretary of state, I like you very much, but you would never declare Russia a state sponsor of terrorism, would you?" the senator asked the secretary.

"Never say never," replied Antony Blinken.

Lindsey Graham was in Ukraine several times, with his own eyes, saw of all the atrocities that Russian troops committed in Ukraine, and promised to do everything so that the United States would recognise Russia as a sponsor of terrorism. Previously, Biden and Blinken have unequivocally stated that this will not happen.

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